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13:20-17:40, Nov. 9
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Chairman: Michael Condry

Driving Intelligence for Safer Automobiles   13:20-14:20 Speaker: Hideo Inoue (Toyota Motor Corporation)
Activity of YASKAWA for Industry Robots   14:20-15:20 Speaker: Kazuhiko Yokoyama (YASKAWA ELECTRIC CORPORATION)
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Chairman: Victor K. L. Huang / Michael Condry

Marek Neumann (CTO, Intel Automotive Division) Topic: Automobiles and Security
Takashi Hotta (Chief Engineer, Hitachi Ltd, Infrastructure Systems Co.) Topic: Challenge in information and control systems
James Wang (Founder, 3C-KBS Inc.) Topic: Electric Vehicle Battery Technology and Systems
Akifumi Tamaoki (General Manager, Robotics Div., Toyota Motor Corporation) Topic: Robotics with goal of "Mobility for All"
Panel Discussion

Chairman & Speakers of Industy Forum 1

Chairman :
Michael Coudry
Michael was the Chief Technical Officer for Intel Corporation, Global Ecosystem Division. His career has a mixture of academic and industry positions, mostly in industry. Holding teaching and research positions at Princeton and University of Illinois, at Illinois he lead an internet application research team contributing findings to the US Internet committee. His industry roles included AT&T Bell-Labs, Sun Microsystems, and Intel. At Bell Labs he co-architect for the Bellmac-32 processor and co-designed the System V Inode File System. At Sun he led standards for the Solaris/UNIX team founding the Open Group to enable these standards. Michael’s CTO role at Intel drove on customer innovation, design cost reduction, and other technologies and leading technical staff development. Efforts at Intel awarded him the prestigious Intel Quality Award in 2015 for significant customer cost reduction efforts processor enablement. His background includes projects in computer architecture, security, software, firmware, operating systems, networking, IoT, and standards. Michael retired from Intel in June 2015.
Michael is a senior board member for the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, he created and chairs the IEEE Industry Forum. Michael is 2016 President-Elect of the IEEE Technical Engineering and Management Society. He conceived and is chairing the IEEE Industry Summit program that will start in 2016. Michael is also a member of the IEEE Computer Society for over 27 years and is the IEEE Silicon Valley Section Vice Chair for 2015. He also is a member of the IEEE-USA CCP committee with a focus on security.
Speaker :
Driving Intelligence for Safer Automobiles
Speaker: Hideo Inoue (Toyota Motor Corporation)
Japan has been facing a super-mature society. In the automotive sector, it is important to solve problems such as the traffic accidents, and traffic jams, and to vitalize "aged society". Based on such backgrounds, two collaborative projects about vehicle intelligence research and development in Japan are introduced. Firstly, ‘Autonomous Diving Intelligence System to Enhance Safer and More Secured Traffic Society for Elderly Drivers’ is shown. The main purpose of this project is to realize a driving intelligence system embedding an experienced driver model to recover degraded performances of recognition, decision-making and operation for elderly drivers and to achieve a significant improvement in road safety. Secondly, the ‘Smart Traffic Flow Control Project’ is introduced. This project indicates that the driving intelligence technologies have the potential not only to enhance a safe and secure driving but also to reduce the congestion. Through these topics, the perspectives about vehicle intelligence technologies of ADAS and Automated Driving are shown.
He has been working in Toyota more than 30 years. Consistently, he developed various vehicle control technologies like of vehicle dynamics, active safety, driver assistance and made a lot of effort to diffuse them to the market, such as, ABS, TCS, VSC (ESC), ECB (brake-by-wire system), Active Suspension, Active Steering, VDIM (Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management), PCS (Pre-Collision Safety system) in Toyota. Since 2004 he was engaged in System Integration Management of huge vehicle systems of driver assistance, integrated safety, energy management, ITS, etc. as General Manager in Integrate System Engineering Division.
Since 2008 he was engaged in overall planning for cutting edge and advanced technologies as General Manager in R&D Management Department. Through his experience, he had some awards. ‘The US Government Award for Special Appreciation for contributions to the development and popularization of safety technology, awarded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in June 2009' and so on. Since 2011, he has been doing the project leader of “S-innovation" program titled as ‘Autonomous Diving Intelligence System to Enhance Safer and More Secured Traffic Society for Elderly Drivers' based on a collaborative framework between universities and industry sponsored by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). He started the Advanced Vehicle Research project to achieve innovative vehicle technologies in 2013 as Project General Manager of Toyota Motor Corporation. He is also now a Visiting Professor of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.
Activity of YASKAWA for Industry Robots
YASKAWA Electric Corporation established as an electric motor supplier for coal - mining industry, 100 years ago. Since then, we have expanded our business into manufacturing industries, like the steel industry, paper industry, automotive industry, electronics industry, and so on. Nowadays, we supply necessary industrial products like electric servo motor/amplifier, inverter apparatus and industrial robot, for customers engaging in manufacturing industries in the world. Our industrial robots realize high-speed and high-precision motion control and have greatly contributed to factory automation. As a result, we have shipped more than 300,000 industrial robots since 1977 when we shipped first-made robot. Now, in these days, large item small scale production and build-to-order system (BTO) newly spread in addition to previous mass production system. In order to adapt to the change of production system, we are required to develop new functions of industrial robots like easy robot teaching methods, intelligence robots and so on. This talk will introduce 100 years of our walking, present robot business and our plans to develop future industrial robots.
Mr.Yokoyama is a General Manager of Tsukuba Laboratory, Yaskawa Electric Corporation.
He was received the M.S degrees in information engineering from Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan, in 1982.
After joining Yaskawa in 1982, he developed the system software of manufacturing industry robots.
Between 1989 and 2008, he was engaged in development of Non-manufacturing industry robots. Those are included the live line maintenance robot system, autonomous mobile robot “HelpMate”, Humanoid Robot “HRP” with AIST(National Institute of Advanced Industrial and Science Technology), Kawada Industries inc., and Simizu Corp and double 7 D.O.F (Degree Of Freedom) arm mobile robot “SmartPal”.
His research interest includes kinematics of robots and autonomous robots.
He is a member of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society and a fellow member of the Robotics Society of Japan.

Chairman & Speakers of Industy Forum 2

Chairman :
Victor K. L. Huang
Dr. Victor K. L. Huang is presently Chief Advisor of Technology and Product Engineering of ZAP Motors, Inc., a publicly traded NASDAQ company (ZAAP) specializing in Electric Vehicles and products with manufacturing facilities in China. Concurrently, he is also VP Better World, Ltd, manufacturer of Electric Vehicle Charge Stations for the in Electric Vehicles and infrastructure industry (EV).
Victor is a 30+ year veteran in high technology industrial management, having served as VP of engineering in 5 separate startups in Silicon Valley, and most notably led the establishment of the highly acclaimed Institute of Microelectronics (IME) for the Singapore government which resulted in Singapore’s highly successful silicon industry. He has also authored/co-authored over 30 IEEE and professional publications, and is a holder of 4 international patents.
Dr. Huang’s present responsibilities at ZAP Motors are EV Technology and product engineering in California and China, USPS development contract on Long Life Vehicle (LLV)/Next Generation Delivery Vehicle (NGDV) electric vehicle, Marketing with ZAP International Sales, concentrating on South American markets.
He currently leads and hosts numerous standards activities with the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society and IEEE professional meeting activities in the electrical vehicle industry.
At Bell Labs he helped lead groundbreaking microprocessor development creating the industry's first 32-bit CMOS microprocessor the BellMac32A. Following Bell Labs, Victor led developments in Silicon Valley in the areas of wireless base-stations, mobile consumer electronics such as PDAs, mobile cell phones, web tablets, and e-Readers.
Dr. Huang is an IEEE Senior Life member, Life AdCom member of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IES), IES Technical Committee Chair of Standards, IES representative to the IEEE Standards Board, and a member of IEEE Standards Association SCC42 – Transportation Committee.
Speaker :
Takashi Hotta (Chief Engineer, Hitachi Ltd, Infrastructure Systems Co.)
Topic: Challenge in information and control systems
Information and control systems those support social infrastructure systems such as railway transportation, energy generation and distribution, and industrial systems, are on the third movement after the first and second movements. Hitachi proposed a concept of “symbiotic autonomous distribution system (S-ADS)” which supports the third movement. The concept of S-ADS is to make whole system efficient by inter-connecting individual autonomous decentralized systems. For example, the whole system will be able to improve its values such as productivity, quality, ROA, the number of customers, customer spending, and also create brand new businesses.
On the other hand, security will become an important issue when the systems will be connected each other. Hitachi proposed “H-ARC” as a concept to reinforce security, which supports social infrastructure systems. In the concept, not only by “Hardening”, but also by “Adaptivity”, “Responsivity”, and “Cooperativity”, the security of whole system during its lifecycle will be maintained and enhanced. Recently, deployment of S-ADS and H-ARC concepts for smart manufacturing has been proposed to a project of “Factory of Future” in IEC.
10.2013 – present
Chief Engineer, Infrastructure Systems Company, Hitachi, Ltd.
04.2011 – 09.2013
General Manager, Yokohama Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd.
01.2010 – 03.2011
General Manager, Systems Development Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd.
10.2009 – 12.2009
Deputy General Manager, Systems Development Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd.
2005 – 10.2009
Research Director, Information and Control Systems Research Laboratory, Hitachi Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd.
2004 – 2005
General Manager, R&D Strategy Center, Research & Development Group, Hitachi, Ltd.
2003 – 2004
Manager, Planning Office, Hitachi Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd.
2001 – 2003
Manager, the 1st Department of Systems Research, Hitachi Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd.
1993 – 2001
Senior Researcher, Hitachi Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd.
1983 – 1993
Researcher, Hitachi Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd.
03.1995 Doctor
University of Tokyo, Doctorate in Engineering
03.1983 Master
University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Engineering
03.1981 Bachelor
University of Tokyo, Faculty of Engineering
Major Field
Electronic Engineering

Professional Affiliation
IEEE Member
Akifumi Tamaoki (General Manager, Robotics Div., Toyota Motor Corporation)
Topic: Robotics with goal of "Mobility for All"
TOYOTA is working towards practical use of Partner Robots which coexist and cooperate with human. Especially on aging society expanding around the world, Partner Robots should help improve the QOL (Quality Of Life) and contribute to the sustainment of an active society. Robot technology would support not only safety driving but also various scenes on elderly life. We have set our vision as “Mobility for All” . In the Nursing and welfare area, we started providing 2 type of rehabilitation robots for clinical trials at the end of last year. And also started providing a new type of HSR(Human Support Robot) as a research platform in this summer. I will introduce our products under development and our current activities in collaboration with partners on site and with customers.
Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan Apr.1979 – Mar.1985 M. Eng. in Applied physics

Work Experience
  • Developing electronic unit for vehicle (sensors, ECUs, ABS-unit and so on)
  • Planning and managing for development and production of in-house electronic units at Hirose Plant.
  • General manager of Partner Robot Div. Feb.2011 - present